A Closing of Another Year

A poem by Nancy Amon (jnr)

2021 has come, and 2021 has gone,

Although some things we faced were huge, we can rest assured that we never faced them alone.

So many things have risen and developed during the time,

Sometimes we wonder, will we ever make it through? Are we going to be fine?

From the departure of loved ones near and far,

We look up to the sky and envisage them as they twinkle bright like a star.

Still, we go through life with many plans,

Sometimes trying to break metal with our hands.

Every year we face a new chapter in life,

What exciting ventures await?

Work, love, friends or family,

It may be one of these for some and for others many.

Either way, life takes you, venture in it with faith and hope,

Even when things look negative, a way will be made, and you’ll be able to cope.

Happy, safe holidays,

May your journey continue with good health, joy and blessings as you enter into 2022!

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