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As an entrepreneur, I know how tough it gets to juggle work and a side-hustle. It feels like there’s not enough time in one day. If you want to create website content, blogs, and articles, I can help you.

I create content that inspires, answers questions, and engages your readers’ interest.

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About Me

Hi I’m Nancy Amon (jnr). A hardworking freelance writer from South Africa – Est. since 2011

I’ve always loved words. Even as a young kid, my creative mind led me to the written arts. I’m an indie-published author of two ebooks available on Smashwords, Kobo, and Scribed.

For Creative writing, I’ve always taken to espionage, mystery, and fiction. I admire and feel inspired by writers like Jack Higgins, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, and the Kellerman family (Faye, Johnathan, and Jesse), to name only a few. I’ve also always enjoyed writing poetry.

In other writing matters: Factors like health and wellness stand out for me. I am passionate about wellness and have written in niches that include chiropractic, senior care, optometry, dentistry, general wellness, nutrition, and alternative medicine.

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