Cut Yourself Some Slack and Live Life with Less Stress and Self-Judgement

Let’s face it; we lead busy lives, and with the recent events in the world, almost everyone feels stressed out and overworked.

Apart from handling the pressure of “pleasing people,” like your boss, manager, supervisor, or family, and standing out from the crowd, you may want to consider these pointers. Start to cut yourself some slack and try these tips.

Don’t stress about perfection

Nobody is perfect. When you cut yourself slack, remember to bear this in mind. Perfection is non-existent, and sometimes what we hear or see on TV may influence us subconsciously.

Imperfection runs through every category, whether it’s beauty, fashion, work, or daily lifestyles.

Take the fashion industry for instance. What makes the perfect person? The fashion industry or high fashion modelling, in particular, focuses on super skinny size zero models. This isn’t realistic for healthy well-being.

Another thing driving many people to insecurities or being harder on themselves is the fake beauty standards some socials provide. From extreme photoshopping to unreal filters, it’s what online pictures in socials are portraying.

Next time you see these things, remember that it shouldn’t define who you are. It isn’t unrealistic to be imperfect. Imperfection is the real deal and sets us apart from the fake things online.

Acceptance is key

We don’t always have control over our situations, circumstances, and what’s happening in the world.

What matters is to accept things even when you can’t change them. We can’t always change things, but we can do what we can now, in the present.

If, for example, you got a bad review because a customer was upset and maybe even in the wrong. Don’t take it personally. These may be one of those scenarios that you couldn’t change.

Still, it would help if you looked forward to doing better in the present and future.

Live in the now

“There’s no time like the present…”

John Trusler

You can’t change the past, and regretting things won’t change anything. What you can do is live in the now. This present moment is what you have to do something new, albeit big or small.

Call someone and tell them that you miss them or love them. Share a positive post online because it will encourage someone out there.

Cut yourself some slack and celebrate what you have now. Celebrate the blessings big and small. It is often the smaller things in life that matter, but when we get more, let’s be grateful for that too.

Don’t identify with experience

Having experience is excellent. An experience is a tool for future choices you may need to make.

Still, it’s not a good idea to keep identifying with experience. For example, you can’t know how someone with a child feels toward their child since you don’t have any children.

One person’s experience shouldn’t define who you are and how you can help bring about positive change without first-hand experience.

Also, remember that experience brings many emotions while going through it. You are not the emotions that you experience during your discovery.

Be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself is not an act of selfishness. Instead, it is an act of kindness. Think about how you might treat a friend who is dealing with a difficult situation. Your words and empathy would be that of kindness.

Just as you would treat someone else with compassion and kindness, so too should you treat yourself. You are worthy of love and kindness, so cut yourself some slack.


You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just be yourself and be bold. Not everyone is themselves and some people are often too scared to be who they are for fear of being judged.

Judgment is harsh and can really take its toll on emotions. The next time people say harsh things to you, remember that being different is beautiful.

“People may hate you for being different and not living by society’s standards, but deep down, they wish they had the courage to do the same”

Kevin Hart

Safe travels, peace and love!

Nancy Rachael Amon Avatar

I’m a passionate author and freelance writer who loves health and wellness. I also enjoy fiction, mystery, and espionage. Authors like James Pattison and Tom Clancy are my inspiration. When I’m not writing, I find time to enjoy beautiful things, cats, art, and music.


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